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Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

A Catholic Community celebrating acceptance and a lifelong love of learning

Mission Statement

Our mission is:

To provide within a Catholic community a positive, challenging and value rich learning environment that encourages all students to strive and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Therefore we are committed to:

Purposeful Learning

  • Contemporary learning connected to real life experiences
  • Identifying individual strengths and responding to their needs
  • Developing competent thinkers and learners

Exemplary Professional Practice

  • All staff engaging in ongoing Professional Learning
  • All staff working according to professional standards(Victorian Institute of Teaching -VIT)
  • All staff providing a positive role model to the school community ‐ students, parents and fellow staff

Wellbeing Support

  • Providing a safe and caring environment that includes and respects the diversity of all

Building Community

  • Strengthening educational partnerships between school and families
  • Broadening our links with the wider community through active participation
  • Providing a warm and welcoming environment within the school community

School Governance

School Governance StatementAdvisory Council Constitution adjustments 2016AVC Protocols