Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing is at the core of everything we do at St Pius X to ensure each and every individual member of of our school community is happy, confident and able to shine! Happiness is the key to good health and development. And happy kids learn! There is a calmness across our school, which is continually nurtured through simple acts of kindness and in giving and accepting compliments.

School Improvement & SRC Report (Shortened)School Improvement & SRC Report (Full Report)

School Improvement Plan

During 2016 St Pius X school undertook a review process, to reflect on the goals and targets set over the last four years, in order to project a clear way forward for continual school improvement for 2017-2020. This is an exciting time for St Pius X as the data clearly indicates St Pius X is on a trajectory to becomining the first school of choice within the local area.

School Review Report

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CASEA Program

The CASEA (CAMHS and Schools Early Action) program is part of Austin Health and is partnering with our school this year. CASEA has been developed to help children understand and express emotions, and to be better at problem solving and getting along with others.

CASEA Information

Berry Street Education Model

St Pius X will be implementing the Berry Street Education Model in 2017-2018. This is a whole school approach in supporting students to develop social and emotional skills to learn and succeed.

In today’s changing and complex world, many primary and secondary school students encounter daily adversity including chronic and traumatic stressors, lack of environmental supports, and other barriers to their own school success. Despite best efforts and intentions, schools require community responses to address student needs for healing, growth, and achievement.

Berry Street Education Model – Growth MindsetBerry Street Education Model – Emotional IntelligenceBerry Street Education Model – Resilience

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We are proudly a Catholic School and this is clearly evident in the way the members of our community relate to each other with respect and understanding. Emotional coaching has also enabled positive articulation and expression of emotions. We embrace and celebrate difference and diversity, which allows everyone in our community to be their ‘true self’.

Please take a look at the following materials for more details concerning school policies.

Child Safety Policy

 Code of Conduct

Student Wellbeing Policy

School Improvement Report 2016

School Improvement Report 2017