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Staff & Classes 2020

Staff & Classes 2020

Our core business is to create an environment in which students learn and thrive. In order to achieve this all teachers support, promote and nurture the Catholic ethos of the school. They monitor and promote the health and well-being of students, whilst developing positive relationships, building learning partnerships with families. They engage all students in learning by participating in the planning, organisation and management of learning.


The 2020 class structure is:

  • Montessori Early Years- Playgroups 0-3 yr old & 3-6 yr old
  • Montessori Year Prep
  • Prep/1
  • Year 2/3 
  • Year 4/5/6

Staff & Specialists

The Parish Priest, Principal and staff at St. Pius X are committed to providing a sound educational environment.

  • Principal
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Reading Recovery Teacher
  • Leveled Literacy Intervention
  • Literacy Leader
  • Performing Arts Teacher
  • Mathematics Leader
  • Student Wellbeing Leader
  • Religious Education Leader
  • Family Engagement Leader
  • Food Science- Food Web Gardening program
  • Learning and Teaching Leader
  • Digital Technologies Leader
  • Visual Arts Teacher
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Support Teacher
  • Lote (Italian) Teacher
  • School Admin
  • Learning Support Officers