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Yr 6 School Leader Speech- Celebrating Learning Night

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Yr 6 School Leader Speech- Celebrating Learning Night


Hello everyone gathered here today.


We grade 5/6s have learned so much in the past year. We have developed many skills and strengths during the activities in class we have done together. We have had loads of fun playing with each other and simply chilling out. We have learned to be strong and never give up. All of our grade 6s are ready to take on the next challenge of  Secondary School. There are so many accomplishments we have made this year.


We have developed many strengths throughout the PE program like cooperation and hard work because it helps us to overcome hard objectives. We are strong in teamwork because teamwork makes the dream work also yoga because it taught us to control our thoughts and emotions. All these strengths have taught us how to be better people in physical education, sport and outside of this too.


The staff at St Pius are wonderful and inspire us to be our best. This year, Year 5/6 welcomed 2 new teachers. We have a wonderful caring teacher Christine Reed otherwise known as Miss Reed. Miss Reed tries her best to make sure each student has a good education. Miss Reed’s  strength is to keep children focused on what they are meant to be doing. We have learnt to be strong in our learning  process. The other teacher is Mr Marshall we only had him for one term but we all loved him. He gave us soooooooo many strengths like  STARR  it stands for Set up paper,Take notes,Apply your thinking to your notes Reflect and Revise your notes; These helped us with skinny notes.


Our specialist teachers work so hard. Miss Wonda encourages us to let our imagination and creativity WONDA (get it) for helping us with so many different methods of creating visually. The art show was amazing and it was fascinating to see all of our creations side by side in one spot. The performing arts program with Mrs Markham assists us to be more confident with singing and acting. One of our favourite things we did throughout the school year was rehearsing and performing Tiddalik The Enormous Frog. Tiddalik The Enormous Frog was an hilarious play because we edited it and it was so much fun. Some of us had the opportunity to perform outside the school, singing in the Freedom Choir and the Boite Choir. The Freedom Choir was hard because we had to learn the songs in a few days but by persisting and not giving up we got there. Boite Choir was having it’s tenth anniversary so all the previous songs were put into the Choir and it was a great celebration.

Learning the recorder and ukulele showed us what it means to be a musician and it shows us that anyone can do anything. It is important to learn instruments because they help with us learn about hand eye coordination skills by switching cords.  


Signora Zappone is amazing in Italian. She gives us the opportunity to learn new things and the skills make us better learners. We learn the language but also learn about the culture and country. She is Bella (beautiful).


We are given a good understanding of responsibility by taking care of the chickens. This responsibility has given us an understanding of working together to help living creatures.


In gardening with Bella we alternate between gardening or cooking. In cooking we harvest and use the ingredients from the garden, on the other hand the gardeners have to fix the garden to make sure it’s a healthy, flourishing environment. These activities give us the strength to upgrade our survival skills and cooking for our families when needed.


In I.C.T the students learn how to program things like Ozobots by using colour codes which includes using black, red, blue and green textas to make a path for the Ozobot. We also use Scratch, which is a program where you have to use coding to make a game. At the moment the grade 5/6’s are making a theme park where the objects move. Last but not least we use Makey Makeys as a controller and we use alligator clips to clip on to the Makey Makey and on the other end you have to clip on to something or someone and if you have the main cord which we call the ‘Earth’ clip you can tap the other cords and if it is connected to your Scratch game it will move your character.


We have had an opportunity to know more about our health and to take care of ourselves from a variety of community partners. We were visited by the Life Education van also known as Life Ed. We became confident about keeping ourselves safe as the instructor taught us about the good and bad drugs to use for different reasons. The dentist also came to our school, and taught us about our teeth. We have  learnt how to take care of ourselves and stay in good health so we can be on top of our learning.


More recently the year 6’s have been doing a transition program with Kate Wilde that helps you get ready for year seven and what to do if you have a problem. After participating in the program the year sixes are feeling more confident, prepared and ready to go into high school.


A highlight of the year was going to camp. It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it! We learnt about water safety at the beach, we went yabbying and participated in marine discovery. We were challenged by canoeing and learnt about the estuarine environment of Anglesea by participating in Estuary encounters. Crate climbing was a challenge for many of us as we were encouraged to climb higher and higher. Some of us even reached the ceiling. Most importantly this camp gave us confidence to do activities by ourselves and also to work as a team. We deepened our understanding and responsibility of the environment and the nature around the place.
Overall 2017 has been a great year full of enjoyment and fun. We have learned a lot about what good learners do. Good Learners listen to the teacher and do what they are meant to do. They also stay on task.  We have developed lots of listening skills and teamworking skills. We have gained lots of strengths throughout the year such as teamwork, social speaking, and much more. We thank all of you for coming today for our Celebration Night.