Principals Report

Principals Report

Principals Report 2018


2018 has certainly been a year of deep engagement in learning together. I am extremely proud of our amazing students who continue to strive to be the best they can be.

Throughout 2018 we set a rigorous learning environment, challenging the capabilities of our students to go deep into the learning pit with grit and determination, applying effort and hardwork, demonstrating persistence and perseverance in all aspects of their learning.

How did we go? Our students are leading the way in the school community and within the wider community. They are confident, capable and resilient learners who clearly understand the importance of setting goals and monitoring progress to achieve success.


St Pius X is a strong Professional Learning Community. Teachers constantly monitor the progress of individual students, employing high impact teaching strategies to maximise achievement. Parents are encouraged and supported to actively engage in the learning with their child in the classroom and at home through frequent learning conversations and communication through an easily accessible digital learning platform. Ongoing learning conversations give students the opportunity to further develop their strengths and deepen their understanding of the areas for improvement. St Pius X provides a nurturing, safe and respectful learning environment that supports and challenges students, empowering them to strive to thrive. Student-led Learning conversations each term see a team of teachers, alongside parents listening and questioning students as the curriculum is unpacked, success criteria identified using developmental continuums and learning goals set with clear progress measurements in place. Reflective feedback on the learning process allows for a collective evaluation and assessment of the skills and knowledge learned and further building the capabilities of the learner.


Throughout 2018 students have showcased their abilities to lead, teach and collaborate through a number of various community projects and annual events such as Student Leadership in Sustainability-Kids Teaching Kids at Edendale Farm Eltham, Tournament of Minds at La Trobe University, STEM Making a Difference(MAD) showcasing Inquiry Learning and Finding Common Ground Project working in partnership with Banyule City Council meeting with Councillors in the process to adopting the Victorian Child Friendly Cities and Communities Charter and strategic directions of the municipality.


We are also very proud of our students leadership in Social Justice. The have actively supported the Winter Appeal, St Vinnies Soup Vans and 3081 Angels. They have worked in partnership with Secondary Colleges and Primary Schools for Reconciliation promoting and facilitating respect, trust and positive relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. They have raised awareness of the Human Rights issues of Children in Detention- Kids off Nauru, and participated in the Walk of Witness supporting the 2018-2019 Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice Statement ‘A Place to Call Home’  on Homelessness and Housing Affordability.


In 2019 we look forward to further developing our holistic philosophy at St Pius X with plans to extend our Montessori Program. Embracing the power of community working together, we will continue to provide a positive happy environment for everyone to have the freedom to enjoy all life and learning have to offer.The Power of Community is the magic we all need to discover our  true best self and what allows us all to shine!


Thank You and Farewell

Thank you to Pat Lenders and Jessica Milesi for their many years of hard work and dedication to the children and families of St Pius X Parish School community. We wish Pat all the best in the next chapter of her life in retirement with her husband Ross and congratulations to Jessica in securing a new position as Literacy Leader at St Joseph the Worker Reservoir.