Health & Physical Education

We develop many strengths throughout the PE program like cooperation and hard work because it helps us to overcome hard objectives. We are strong in teamwork because teamwork makes the dream work. All these strengths have taught us how to be better people in physical education, sport and outside of this too.

Swimming- Term 4

In Week 3 and 4 the whole school went swimming to “Learn to Swim” in Heidelberg. We had different lanes to swim in which meant that we all did not collide into each other. When we go to swimming, we go on buses all the way to the swimming centre! We play small games on the bus to pass time until we eventually arrive. On the first day of swimming we were all ready and excited to jump into the pool! At the end of every lesson we got to dive into the pool! We had swimming for 4 days a week for 2 weeks. On one of those days we had to do a survival lesson AND IT FELT LIKE FOREVER!! We had to bring a normal shirt and shorts (not bathers) and remove them underwater (we had bathers underneath).

Overall it had been a great 2 weeks of swimming and fun and I hope we have more swimming next year (Totally not written by a Year 6)!

District Athletics

On Thursday 14th September the Years 3-6 students participated in the District Athletics. We were very proud of the way the children participated on the day, starting with their excellent behaviour and continuing on with great sportsmanship. All children competed in at least one event and tried their best, not giving up and making sure the crossed the finish line. We congratulate Demis in Year 3/4 who came first in the Under 10 Long Jump event and will now go on to represent the district at the Divisional Level. We congratulate all the children on their persistence and confidence on the day. Well done.

Yoga- Term 3

In Term 3 we did yoga. It taught us to control our thoughts and emotions.

In yoga I have learnt different breathing techniques to calm down. (Ruby)

Skipping- Term 2

In sports the grade 5/6’s did skipping and learnt how to skip. We learnt many styles of skipping. First we learnt to forward Pencil Jump, then we learnt Superstar, Backwards Pencil Jump and finally, we learned Skier.