Years 5 & 6


Here in 5/6 we are hardworking, and try our best to be good role models for the younger year levels. Our teacher Miss Reed is great at helping our class learn in the best possible way. (Nakita)


Fred Hollows Humanitarian Award

On Thursday the 26th of October Jayde Nelson went to receive an award. It was the Fred Hollows Humanitarian Award. Jayde was allowed this opportunity due to the thoughtful and peaceful way she approaches others in our community. When Jayde was sitting down waiting, John Brumby the ex-premier of Victoria came to the stage and started talking about what the Fred Hollows Foundation did for many people who had cataracts that grow over the lens of their eye/s.

It was really fun and a great new experience. (Jayde)

School Camp, 2017

Chicken Winners

Chickens At The Show- Schools Poultry Competition

During the holidays our school chickens competed in the Royal Melbourne Show. It was a nerve-racking wait. Some of the children from the school went to the show they couldn’t wait to see what place the chickens came. When we came back to school for Term 3 we were so proud of our chickens and guess what- they came first.

We received 3 ribbons. They were for:

1st Place- Hy-line brown commercial layers project- Primary School section
3rd Place- Hy-line brown commercial layers eggs-
Overall Winner- Hy-line brown commercial layers egg laying competition-Primary School section

We created a poster of our chickens this poster had pictures of students, chickens and the eggs. This was a very colourful poster with lots of details so I guess that’s why it got first prize. Our Chickens came third for the most laid eggs in the competition with a number of 24 eggs. We are so happy we have chickens at our school. (Caitlyn and Jayde)


In Gardening with Bella we alternate between gardening or cooking. In cooking we harvest and use the ingredients from the garden, on the other hand the gardeners have to fix the garden to make sure it’s a healthy, flourishing environment. These activities give us the strength to upgrade our survival skills and cooking for our families when needed. (Nakita)


Life Education Van

We have had an opportunity to know more about our health and to take care of ourselves from a variety of community partners. We were visited by the Life Education van also known as Life Ed. We became confident about keeping ourselves safe as the instructor taught us about the good and bad drugs to use for different reasons. (Anna)



In I.C.T the students learn how to program things like Ozobots by using colour codes which includes using black, red, blue and green textas to make a path for the Ozobot. We also use Scratch, which is a program where you have to use coding to make a game. At the moment the grade 5/6’s are making a theme park where the objects move. Last but not least we use Makey Makeys as a controller and we use alligator clips to clip on to the Makey Makey and on the other end you have to clip on to something or someone and if you have the main cord which we call the ‘Earth’ clip you can tap the other cords and if it is connected to your Scratch game it will move your character.