Years 3 & 4

In Year 3/4 we are learning to be independent learners. We are working with Miss Laura to investigate new and wonderful ways to learn and present our ideas. We are enthusiastic about being the best learners we can be in order to shine and reach our dreams! We have fun learning together in a collaborative way.

KicArts – Kids as Catalyst Arts

Meet the Recyclinos and the Cultural Ninjas! Our class worked with the Kid’s Thrive Team, The Salt Foundation and 3081 Angels to be philanthropists and be catalysts in raising awareness for two issues in our community that we were passionate about.

The Recyclinos worked with the artist Alex to create a Trashion Parade using recycled materials in order to encourage people to donate their old baby items to 3081 Angels.

The Cultural Ninjas worked with Artist Carla and the Salt Foundation to create an interactive matching puzzle game in order to bring awareness of the great Cultural Diversity in West Heidelberg. Even though we are all from different places we have lots of things in common.

Check out the photo gallery to see photos of our performance from the night.

Tournament of Minds

Welcome to Findia! Over 10 weeks in Term 3 a group of Grade 3/4 students worked together to make a creative solutions to a problem. We had to work out how to merge the cultures of two different countries to create a new country. We chose India and Fiji. We also had to use quick thinking to find the answer to an unseen problem. This was a very challenging process but we are so proud of what we created.

Water Testing

We have been working with the Darebin Creek Management Committee to learn about the work the Friends of the Darebin Creek do to look after the creek in our area. Peter taught us how to test the water for salinity, turbidity, acidity and the presence of pollutants. We also learnt about the importance of looking after the creek. We hope to be able to use our new skills to be Water Watchers and track how healthy the creek is.


State Library Excursion

On Monday we went on an excursion to the State Library to view an exhibition about the History of Melbourne. We were lucky to be shown this exhibit by Miss Belinda who also teaches us at school sometimes. We were particularly interested about seeing how Melbourne has changed since 1835 and learning about some important people from our history – John Batman, William Barak and William Buckley.

After this Mrs M and Miss Laura took us on a tour of the city. We walked down Swanston Street where we saw Little Greece, Little China Town and the Bourke Street Mall. Then we had a look around Federation Square before heading down to Birrung Marr at the Yarra River where then five different Indigenous Tribes used to meet.

Did you know?

  • The State Library has more than 3 million books and publications?
  • John Batman wanted Melbourne to be called “Batmania”?
  • After Sir Edmond Barry sentence Ned Kelly to death, Ned Kelly said to him “I’ll see you where I am going” and he died four days later! Spooky!