Religious Education

Religious education is very important to us at our school. We have been learning about the Rosary this term. We learnt all about the Joyful Mysteries and how to pray the Rosary. We had a great time using Ms Julie’s giant Rosary beads.

We have also learnt all about Catholic Mission and the work they do. We participated in Mission Month Silly Sock day. We all wore silly socks to raise money for people in Uganda. We learnt about Harriet, a girl from Uganda who was very sick with malaria. The money we raised will go towards helping these people buy an ambulance.

We are now learning about Advent and Christmas. We are learning about how Advent is a time of preparation as we wait to celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas. We have made some Advent wreaths to help us count the weeks.

We also visit the Atrium once a week with Ms Julie. We love going to Atrium because Ms Julie teaches us amazing things about Jesus and his life. We also get to use the works and learn on our own.