During Reading we have been focusing on making predictions. We have used text features like the title, front cover or illustrations to help us make predictions about a text before we read it.

We have also learnt about cause and effect, we investigated what a cause and effect relationship is and how one event can lead to another happening. We learnt about cause and effect signal words such as; so, because and therefore. These words help us to find cause and effect relationships.

We have also been practicing Visulisation, this is when we build a mental image of something we are reading. We read a poem called Green Giant and used our visualisation techniques to imagine what he would look like. Here are some of our Green Giants!

During Writing our focus has been writing to instruct. We have been investigating different procedure texts including instructions, recipes and lists. We have followed instructions to produce many things this term and have also written instructions for others to follow. Some things we have made are honey joys, frogs in the pond, kites and stress balls. It has been a lot of fun!