Years 1 & 2

Welcome to Grade 1/2EP!

There are 13 students in our class and our teacher Miss Emma. We love learning new things and working together. You can keep up to date with what is happening in our class through this page or for more day to day updates follow us on Seesaw.

First Aid!

We had a first aid training session with Scott from St. John’s. We learnt how to identify when there is an emergency and how to call triple 0. We also practiced how to approach someone who is unconscious while making sure to keep ourselves safe.


During Term 4 we participated in a swimming program. We had swimming lessons every day over 2 weeks. Our swimming teachers were great and helped us to become more confident in the water as well as improve our techniques and learn how to be safe.


We love spending time in the garden with Bella and learning all about the plants and animals that live there. This term we learnt all about energy and how all living things get energy from the sun! We also cooked some yummy food using our garden produce.


Life Education Van: Safety Rules

We visited Harold in the Life Ed van to learn all about rules that keep us safe and what to do in an emergency. We did many activities with Phoebe to learn how to be safe inside and outside and who we can call for help if we need. We also learnt about what is a small emergency and what is a BIG emergency.



Coding with Mr. H

Our ICT expert Mr.H introduced us to Bee Bots this week. We have some brand new robots to practice our coding. We can program our robots to move forwards, backwards and make right and left turns. They can remember up to 40 movements.


Como House Excursion

Our focus in Inquiry for Term 2 has been Changes from past to present. As part of this unit we visited Como House in South Yarra to see how people used to live a long time ago. We got to participate in games like croquet, practice being servants and take a tour through the huge old house! We saw many things from the past including a butter churn, bread oven and the bells for calling the servants.