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Learning and Teaching

Learning & Teaching

It is not enough to be your best at St Pius X we create learners who are always striving to look beyond what they believe their best is and find ways to challenge and create learners that are always learning! To do this we believe that you must educate the whole child. Therefore our teaching and learning is based upon the belief that to improve academic results you must first create a safe, nurturing and challenging environment.

Our Vision

By the end of 2016 it is hoped that St Pius X will be an effective professional learning community (PLC), a school where mutual trust, respect and support is embedded as part of the culture and teachers are driving their own personal inquiries to build capacity whilst taking collective responsibility for all learning.

Learning & Teaching Vision

Reading Growth & NAPLAN Growth 2016

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

At St Pius X we create a professional learning community in which high quality curriculum is enacted, expert teaching is developed and all students achieve targeted progress over time.

School Improvement Literacy

Further Reading

Our vision for learning drives our model of continual improvement ensuring high performance instructional teaching practices that target the learning needs of each child. Through reflective learning conversations teachers work in teams to enable, enhance and empower student achievement of deep learning outcomes.

As we are always looking to improve our learning and teaching practices, St Pius X is also becoming a member of the UMNOS cohort (University of Melbourne Network of Schools) for 2017-2019, read more on the UMNOS website.

St Pius X is also implementing the Victorian Curriculum from 2017, see the VCAA website for more information.

Please take a look at the following materials for more details concerning our learning and teaching strategy.

Learning & Teaching PolicyProfessional Learning PolicyLeadership CharterSIL Action Plan