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Yr 5 & 6 Report Comments


  • This year I have learnt about many things. I have learnt about my teacher Miss Reed, my friends, and of course all the subjects. In maths I have learnt about chance, data, fractions, decimals and a lot more in maths. In writing I have been writing recounts, narratives and explanation pieces. In Inquiry I have been inventing inventions and been researching about other inventions as well. The challenge in the year was working through all the set tasks on time. I also learnt that my friends are one of the most important things in your life.
  • This year I have learnt a lot from all my friends and all the teachers. It has been a great year.
  • This year is one of my favourite years at St Pius X because I went to camp. It was a tonne of fun, adventuring and enjoying our time at Anglesea with my friends. I love reading groups because you get the chance to work with a group and you get to talk to others and help each other out if they need help. My favourite subject is maths because I love adding up sums and using my brain to do things.
  • Next year I am going to be a year 6 so there will be a lot of responsibility for me. My friends are the best people in the world because they care for me and they help me when I need help. Next year I want to try my hardest to learn and help others like my friends that did the same for me, I want to give the grade 4s a happy time as a year 5 next year.
  • This year I had a blast! This year the grade 5/6s and 3/4s did KicArts and got to do so many good things to help community. I was in the group called ‘Save the Earth’ and we were trying to stop people littering and causing animals to die, by mistaking it for their favourite food. When we finished we had a great big performance and I think (I know) people loved it.
  • This year I have had a great time but also it has been a bit sad, as it will be my last year at primary school with my classmates. Not only have I been learning stuff in class, but I have had an awesome time with my friends. In writing, I’ve learnt what to include in a strong narrative.
  • Camp at Anglesea was a great experience and lots of fun, and I learnt different team building/teamwork skills. My friends and I will always have lots of memories to laugh about in the future.
  • This year was the most important year in my life. Since I am now in the last year of primary school I am going to Year 7. The thing I mostly enjoyed this year was camp. We had lots of fun in camp, playing with each other and having fun! The thing I liked the most about camp was spending more time with my friends than I usually do. I am very prepared to go to High School. I think that I know everything to go into Year 7. The most challenging thing I’ve done this year is getting ready to go to High School. I find it hard to leave my friends and go to another school. My goal for secondary school is to make friends I can talk to and work well with.
  • This year has been EPIC. Being in year 6 has been the highlight of my primary school year. I have learned an endless amount of things (that’s what it felt like anyway). I have learnt how to simplify fractions, planning with a budget and much much more. In Reading I found it hard, due to my comprehension skills, which I hope to get better soon.
  • 2017 is my last year at primary school so I tried to make the best of it. This year I’ve achieved a deeper understanding in I.C.T by using Scratch because Scratch is controlled by codes, Ozobots because we use colours to control the moving robot and Makey Makey because we control the game or document by touching alligator clips. Throughout the year we have done some out of school activities, in Term 2 and 3 we had a chance to work with KicArts but instead of singing it was more about the real life problems, the problems we chose were recycling, litter and diversity. My group had a chance to perform ours so we had to come up with some moves relating to our problem (Inclusion and Diversity). In Term 3 we had the chance to be part of a yoga program. In yoga we got to learn how to control your mind and your feelings.
  • In 2017 I have learnt many things. I am currently getting better at my times tables.
  • At the start of 2017 I didn’t really start well but now I am finishing on a high. I am becoming more confident at my reading and spelling. I am grateful for all the teachers who have helped me throughout the year.
  • This year I have learnt a lot in ICT about how to program and make a game on Scratch and how to use the Ozobots and Makey Makeys.
  • This year I have learnt different styles of skipping and yoga.
  • This year I have reached my goals of being able to handle my anger issues and social skills. I have become the learner I always wanted to be. I can pay attention in class and complete my work in time. I have achieved many goals and I am proud of myself.
  • This year I have achieved lots of successful goals in my learning. In maths I did worded problems which helped me to understand more and I did a task based on developing a timetable and I made a schedule according to what job I choose. In Inquiry I made an invention based on reusable food wrap
  • This year has been great and I learnt lots of new things and I became more independent and a successful learner. My goals for next year are to try my best and learn from my mistakes and always learn new things.