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Yr 3 & 4 report Comments


  • This year I am most proud of my writing about this person that I made because I tried my best to just get it done and it took a lot of time and work to do it and finish it. I have most enjoyed learning Inquiry! Right now we’re doing a design workflow that’s really fun! We’re making something that flies like a hot air balloon, plane, flying cup and a lot more things!!!! Next year I could improve by believing in myself and think that I can do it. Next year I am mostly looking forward to going into a higher year level and learning different things.
  • I am most proud of my sport because it is fun exciting challenging and hard but I have kept persisting. It will probably be the same next year, but harder, but I will keep trying and trying over and over again until I am above standard.
  • I have enjoyed doing Maths this year because I have kept on learning new things every year and I am looking forward to learning more things next year. I am looking forward to getting challenged next year like I was challenged this year. I could really look to improve in my writing and reading and my fluency because I have fallen behind this year so I want to do better next year. I really want to smash it next year and show how well I can do.
  • I am most looking forward to sport so I can get straight A’s in everything I do in sport and I really like getting outside and doing sport related things. I really want to play a sport in the future for Australia.
  • This year I am proud of my maths because I learnt about different shapes and words, like rotation, reflection and translation. I enjoyed ICT because of all the activities like Scratch, Digital Technology Journal, Makey Makey, Bee Bots and Ozobots. For Bee Bots we had to start at the codes.
  • This year I am most proud of my design work flow because we got to make our own flying machine.
  • This year I am most proud of learning different types of shapes because last year I never knew what a polygon was or what a quadrilateral is.
  • I am also proud of learning how to write a persuasive text because I never knew what the goal was and what the requirements are but now I know what they both are.
  • This year I have enjoyed learning about First Aid when Scott came in and taught us about taking care of someone when they are unconscious and how you give someone CPR. I loved learning about First Aid. I could improve my learning next year by staying on task and listening more when I am in teacher focus group. I can also improve more by having a go on hard questions that I don’t know.
  • This year I am most proud of my Maths because I have improved it and got to ask a Mathematician questions. This year I really liked it when Footsteps came because I learnt to dance.
  • This year I am proud of ICT because it’s fun. There are four things we used the Makey Makey, Bee Bots, Scratch and Ozobots. I liked Ozobots the best because you use red, green, blue and black textas to make codes with the textas.
  • This year I am most proud of long jump because in Athletics Day I came first 2 times, so this is why I am proud. This year I enjoyed sport because I love sport. When I grow up I would really like to be an athlete. I will like to compete in long jump as I came first.
  • Next year I am looking forward to doing the best I can!!!!!!!!!
  • I am most proud of my work in Maths this year because at the start of the year I thought that I was really bad at Maths but since the start of the year I have now realised that I am actually really good. I am also really proud of my reading because during the year I was reading books that were hard but not very challenging, but now I am reading really interesting books.
  • This year I am most proud of my Maths. Mostly my times tables, my time and my money. I’d say that Maths is my best subject at school. I have enjoyed learning about keywords in reading. I have learnt so much this year. I could improve my learning by being more focussed and confident in class and not so chatty. Next year I am looking forward to being a leader and going to camp and getting good grades.
  • I am most proud of working with a learning partner and learning more about how to summarise. I enjoyed learning multiplication and division because I didn’t really understand both of them before we started this unit.
  • This year I am most proud of my writing. We wrote summaries and procedural texts. I have enjoyed learning about shapes with lots of sides like a chillagon which has a 1000 sides on it. Next year I could improve by making bigger sentences in my work and using more advanced words.
  • What I am most proud of this year is how far I have come along with my spelling because at the start of the year I wasn’t confident at all with my spelling. I also think that I have come a long way with my reading because I wasn’t reading fluently for a long time. I love learning about Maths because I’ve always been good at it and I find it very exciting working out sums and calculations. I could improve on finding the right sounds for the right word.
  • I’m proud of my Cultures around the World presentation because of the research. I’m proud of making a shop in maths because you could make a shop based on anything and put things in your shop and sell it. I’m proud of getting level 2 in Swimming because I was level 1 before and now I have gone up a level. I enjoyed learning about Inquiry because you got to do interesting tasks. I enjoyed learning about ICT because you got to code things and design playgrounds.
  • I am proud of my design brief my learning partner was helping me and the way I implement my ideas. Another thing I am proud of is that I learnt about being an independent learner because it helps me figure it out myself. I have enjoyed learning about the value of temperance the most because it is really difficult to control yourself. Next year I could spend more time on my work. Next year I am excited to learn new concepts in all subjects.