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Foundation- Year Prep Report Comments


  • I have learnt how to write sentences and that you have to start a sentence with a capital letter. I also have learnt how to speak in Italian and to count to 10 in Italian.
  • Since the start of the year I have improved on my reading, and my favourite book is the Baby Owls.
  • I have learnt how to control my feelings because of yoga. I learned about countries all over the world and states in Australia.
  • What I have enjoyed this year are the swimming lessons because they have helped me to learn to swim. I have learnt about I.C.T with Mr.H and about Bee Bots.
  • At the start of the year I couldn’t read or write but later in the year the school has taught me to read and write. I have learnt about adding up money and counting it in maths.
  • I have learnt I.C.T with Mr H. He taught us how to use Ipads and Bee Bots and we learnt how to use computers. I like writing about my console and reading about funny stories. I really enjoy playing cricket at lunchtime.
  • During buddy time I like hanging with Jake. Counting money during maths is my favourite. I have made lots of friends.
  • I learnt how to write in writing sessions. I learnt how to write neatly. My favourite bit was making Apple Turtles and writing about them. In maths I learnt about money. In maths I also learnt how to count. My favourite part was the money.
  • In reading I learnt how to read. My favourite part was learning about Uluru. At school I made a lot of friends. All my friends are kind to me. In sports we learnt how to skip. I also learnt how to swim.
  • My favourite part about sports was when we did swimming. In gardening I learnt how to cook. I also learnt how to pick plants from the garden.
  • My favourite was cooking with Bella. My goal for next year is to make more friends and to get better at maths.
  • Bella told me about plants and how to cook food.
  • I learnt how to read and write and to be a good friend. I like to read the book Mups. I like to count in maths. I liked the swimming program a lot and the skipping program. I like to write about my holidays.
  • I love school. My friends are kind to me and the teachers are very kind to me. In ICT my favourite part is to program the Bee Bot.
  • My favourite part about school is writing. I hope next year will be fun and I will learn lots more. This year was the best year I had so far.
  • I’ve learnt how to read, write and mostly about money. I found out that writing was very hard for me. I think I could do better at class. I love learning to count money and adding numbers together.
  • Outside doing sports is better than being inside for me. In sports my favourite thing to do is to throw the bean bags. I didn’t just like the First aid session …… I loved it! I learnt 000 and learnt how to save someone.
  • I like to play games at recess with my friends. I also like St Pius X because of the students and teachers. My strongest reason why I like St Pius is because of the learning. I have learned how to read and add in maths. I learned how to make good friends and good choices. I have also learned to be kind to others. To be a good learner I have learned to listen and stay on task. I have to sit up straight to be a good learner.
  • I learnt about Australia and Uluru. I have learnt how to spell lots of words and also I finished the orange word list. It was hard to read some of my books but I learnt how to read them.
  • In maths I learnt what a hexagon and triangle are and also we have learnt about different coins. We learnt how to count in fives. I learnt how to swim and skip in sport. I have learnt to play with my friends nicely. It was challenging to work out how to use the Beebots in ICT.
  • Next year in Grade One I want to learn to make new friends. I want to learn to spell new and bigger words.
  • In Maths I learnt to count, skip count and how to use money. In Reading Groups I learnt to read. In Writing I learnt to write.
  • In Gardening I learnt how to cook.
  • In ICT I learnt to use computers and program Bee-bot.
  • In Sports I learnt how to skip and how to swim. What I found hard was programing the Bee-bot. I found swimming hard because I kept slipping off the noodle when I was paddling. What I find hard is talking to a lot of people. I want to be better at swimming and talking to lots of people.
  • This year I learnt how to how to play really nicely with Eamon.
  • In writing I learnt how to write words and sentences and how to spell. I learnt how to run really fast and how to skip. In maths I learnt how to count to one hundred. My favourite thing to play is cricket. I love to play with my buddy best.
  • This year I have learnt how to count to 100. I have learnt how to write. I have learnt how to read. I have learnt how to skip. I have learnt how to make friends. I learnt how to play with my friends. My challenge at the start of the year was trying to find the letters on the keyboard. Now I know where most of the letters on the keyboard are.
  • Next year my goal is to read better.
  • My buddy is fun and has a smile on her face. I love my buddy. I like working with my buddy as well.
  • In ICT Mr H is very nice and I like him teaching us about ICT. I also like ICT because it is fun. I also like working with the Beebots.
  • I love gardening because I like to dig and do garden work and I also like to cook a little bit as well.
  • In Reading and writing I have learnt about places in Australia and writing about them.
  • At Sport I have learnt about skipping and have been doing swimming. I also like to play sport games and running. I have learnt to skip on one foot as well. I have cooperated in athletics.
  • I love my friends. My friends are caring and kind and I love to play with them, and I learnt that they are very important to me, no matter what!
  • In Maths I have learnt to count by 5’s and to count money and learning about numbers.
  • In 2017 I have learnt so many important things I will need to know forever. I have been learning how to make pom-poms, how to construct fairy bread, frog in a pond and an apple turtle, how to count in Italian, counting on and counting money.
  • I have loved Sports (skipping, swimming, athletics and yoga.
  • I have learned how to Type and use the computers and Ipads, how to use the BeeBots, how to do my timetables.
  • I have learned how to log in and the passwords I need to know and my email for school.
  • I have learned how to make art in Visual arts and how to play music and singing in Performing Arts. I have learned how to be a proper friend and making friendships and keeping them alive.
  • I have learned about all these important places in Australia.
  • I learnt how to read books like The Red Squirrel. I learnt how write this year, in maths I learnt about money and chance. I learnt how to make and be a good friend. I learnt skills to help me be a good learner.
  • My favourite sport I learnt this year was swimming. My favourite thing about gardening is when we get to cook and have little tea parties. I go to reading club and read books from the library with someone.