Learning & Teaching

Learning & Teaching 

SPX primary school is a Learning Community. The core business of the teachers at our school is to create an environment in which students learn and thrive. And thrive they have! Our NAPLAN results highlight the high expectations we have for all our students and the high level of growth we as a school have worked hard to achieve. These results are not accidental. For the past 5 years SPX has had a focus on raising the bar, ensuring that all students are being supported in their learning and are being challenged to excel. The explicit approach to learning and teaching means there has been significant growth in Literacy and Numeracy. This is largely due to the dedicated teaching staff who recognise the importance of student learning, but also model how important learning is by being learners themselves.

We are a learning community: our families have been encouraged to continue to partner with us to promote student learning. One example of this has been the Building a Learning Community sessions that have been run once each term in 2017.  The following learning themes were explored this year;

  • ICT- using digital technologies and online spaces to learn
  • Learning Conversations – setting learning goals and being part of a learning conversation
  • What Makes a Successful Learner- exploring grit and a growth mindset.

These sessions have been well-attended and we look forward to continue building and exploring more educational priorities as a learning community this year in 2018.

SPX have high expectations. We expect 12 or more months of growth for 12 months of teaching input. Above is our reading data for 2017 highlighting our commitment to this. These graphs are after 9 months of teacher impact. We are incredibly proud of our students and all our teachers.


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