Performing Arts


The Performing Arts we offer to the children at St Pius X ensure enjoyment, participation, and experiences that develop positive attitudes and skills for successful happy lives.

We believe happy children are healthy children who are fully engaged in learning and life!

Our program develops SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL skills such as:

We also know that MUSIC AND MOVEMENT assist brain development and gives children a space for emotional release

FREEDOM TO IMAGINE, CREATE & DESIGN allows children to explore and learn about themselves, others and the world.

St Pius X is proud of the Performing Art achievements and will continue to be involved in Community Events working with a wide variety of Professional Artists.


St Pius X has worked for the last 6 years with Kids Thrive. This partnership has provided amazing experiences for the children in allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of their feelings and emotions. In 2016 the children will be professionally recording a selection of the 20 songs they have created and producing a CD.


Kids Thrive is Melbourne’s leading arts and community development organisation committed to child-led social change.

Our vision is for all children to thrive and be empowered to lead creative community change. We nourish connections between children and their local communities, develop children’s leadership skills, build their resilience and foster their capacity to drive positive change.

Our purpose is to foster positive outcomes for children and their communities by developing innovative arts and social justice programs in collaboration with specialists in children’s education, health, welfare and cultural diversity. We use the arts to tackle issues that children experience arising from trauma, disadvantage and cultural conflict, and to expand children’s creativity, communication and social skills.

Our programs are delivered in schools, community health centres and other safe and supportive, child-focused community settings throughout Victoria. They prepare children for a lifetime of self-determination, creative problem solving and community connection.

The results are in. Kids are leading community change!

The Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program at the University of Melbourne has completed its evaluation report of the Kids Thrive child-led change strategy.

Kids and communities across Melbourne and regional Victoria have participated in this powerful approach of recognising children as major contributors to, and creators of, community.

Kids as Catalyst Arts: children leading change through arts in the community

A new generation of young people using art to change the world

This year Kids Thrive is piloting Kids as Catalyst Arts (KiCArts) in partnership with St Pius X Primary School in West Heidelberg.

Built on Kids as Catalyst child-led change model, KiCArts sees primary school children and their chosen community organisation partner to present public works of art addressing local issues.

The students are partnering with local organisations doing great things – the 3081 Angels, SALT Foundation, the Friends of Darebin Creek and Darebin Water Management Committee, and Banyule City Council, Arts and Culture.

We have group projects on cultural respect and sharing; recycling, reusing and re-homing waste; raising awareness of the environmental impact of plastic and the importance of diversity and inclusion in West Heidelberg.



The performances inspire and motivate the students and their teachers to want to do more music and performing arts programs and activities for themselves. They also boost the children’s confidence to believe in their own abilities.

Research-Participation in the Arts is Amazing for Kids learning & Development!

  • Students involved in the Performing Arts show increased in self-concept and motivations
  • Qualities of resilience, self-regulation, identity, and the ability to experience ‘flow’
  • The growth of skills and capabilities rooted in their personal recognition of themselves as competent, creative and productive individuals- self esteem showed increase
  • Improvement in behavioural indicators empathy, tolerance, cooperation and communication
  • Students become independent and intrinsically motivated learners
  • Fostering learning for understanding
  • Transforming students characteristics of learning barriers into challenges to be solved
  • Students involved in the Arts developed academically
  • Increased reading proficiencies, improved literacy skills, increased verbal skills
  • Students involved in music programs showed significantly higher mathematical achievement


The Boite Schools Chorus is an un-auditioned choir project for schools and community youth choirs. Since 2004 the Boite Schools Chorus has involved over 7400 students from across Victoria in 32 concerts in Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat, Bairnsdale & Albury. The Boite Schools Chorus project invites students into a new world through song, builds confidence, broadens horizons and develops valuable performance and interpersonal skills.

St Pius X has been involved in the Boite School Choir for many years and looks forward to the 2018 performance.

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The Malahang Festival

Students once again participated in the Malahang Festival at the Malahang Reserve. St. Pius X has a special cake stall each year full of yummy treats that are sold to make money for the school. There was a performance by the St. Pius students on the big stage. There was a mixture of kids from Prep all the way to Year 6 jumping up to perform. Three of our astounding Grade 5/6 students played the guitar, ukulele and sung. The day was so great!