Social Action


Social Action is the way in which our children in Catholic Education develop their social conscience and learn to be active citizens  for the good of all. Simple actions of kindness and looking at the world through the eyes of the heart nurtures compassion and builds responsibility to the health, wellbeing, education and development of each other.

MAKING CHRISTMAS SPECIAL FOR EVERYONE- is the way Catholic Communities work!

The Year 5/6 children did a fantastic job supporting the huge team of St Vincent De Paul Volunteers in the last weeks of the school year organising the Christmas Hampers and Toys. St Pius X Parish is the distribution point for 3081. The Christmas Hampers and toys are organised, packed and picked up from the Parish School Hall by families in need. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for our children in the true meaning of Christmas and they thoroughly enjoy being involved in the process of caring and supporting the community. Our children also enjoy being a member of the St Pius X Christmas Choir singing and performing for the Community at a number of events and venues from late November and the last week of school in December.

The Christmas Choir sang at the local nursing homes: Estia Health Aged Care and RSL Vasey Care Sir William Hall Hostel. Other performances were at Bunnings Northland Preston, 3081 Christmas Concert, Bell Street Mall Christmas Event, and the St Pius X Christmas Nativity Concert. A child expressed their joy of Community singing: ‘It is all about sharing the Spirit Christmas with others and it is so much fun’


Our children are also supported in their social action experience through ‘ Minnie Vinnie’s’ Young people supporting each other to make a difference.

What is Mini VinniesMini Vinnies empowers primary school students to become advocates within their school and local community by putting their values into action. They meet regularly to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the wider St Vincent de Paul Society.


Australian Catholic is one of many resources to inspire our young people to be the best person they can be!